3rd Dawn Gaming

Who are we?

Simple really…We’re a handful of gamers and hardware enthusiasts that thrive off of the social and competitive PC gaming scene.

What’s our story?

Back in 07, when we all rocked Xfire and Pentium 4′s, 3rd Dawn was formed out of the ashes of America’s Army. While our first server was BF2, our real entrance on the scene was with our CoD4 server which instantly became one of the highest ranked HC TDM servers around. As our clan grew in size and skill, we competed in Team Warfare League (TWL) and MLG-Gamebattles among others. Although primarily a competitive FPS clan, 3rd Dawn has evolved not only in our game genres, but the “clan” itself. for the past few years, 3rd Dawn has become a gaming community. We annually attend and compete in Lan parties, our members are passionate about PC modding and hardware, and have been in multiple publications as well as winning the cover of CPU magazine. Over the years, =[3D]= has evolved from a group of competitive PC gamers, to a brand that the community has grown with. We represent the love of PC Gaming and the friendships that social and competitive gaming creates. With all the changes in the gaming world, 3D is simple, a half a dozen or so friends online, talking smack on TS, stacked on one side of a server, having fun and gaming…

Where are we going?

Most likely all to hell, where 3D will be dominating…

Discord :

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  • LanguageEnglish
  • LocationUnited States of America


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