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    [3D] Civilian

    I’m going to copy Pix and update my journey’s

    Shit that happened in August:
    – Biggest event was Disneyland/California Adventure. Stayed at the resort and cost a fortune but worth it. Stayed 6 days, and found out that’s alot of time there.
    – PDXLAN was awesome, we had a blast. Super cool having illy back. (happened in July, but had to post)
    – Klutch got my old PC…which was a badass new PC basically..kid has the life.
    – Both kids started school now, Shoutycaps is in 7th, Klutch is in 5th.
    – Got a new ride, the 4runner finally took a shit.
    – Only Pix, Nella and Gunny have really been on gaming.
    – Lolz that No Man’s Sky was all hype and turned out to be shitty
    – Got Dues Ex-Mankind Divide, it looks like the real deal so far
    – Klutch starts football this weekend, same Sunday as the NFL openers 🙁 I’m coaching again…that’s all good
    – Still playing for skinz not winz

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