What's Everyone been up to?


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    [3D] Pixels

    It’s been a busy ass last few months, yall Nukka’s got any stories? What have you been up to.


    [3D] Anubis

    Been sick, playing Hearthstone, and attending my first Super Smash Bros: Melee tournament.


    [3D] Fullcrum

    Got the origin $5 subscription thing and i’ve been playing battlefield 4. I also got my work friends into warthunder. Diablo 3 season is pretty tight right now, and ive been running clicker heroes non-stop for a week now lol.


    [3D] Pixels

    Glad to see you guys are still alive!


    [3D] Gunman

    Working my ass of to save up for my Europe trip that i did last month.

    now saving for next years PDX lan


    [3D] Pixels

    I cannot wait for our 10year party. Going to be insane!


    [3D] Hateplow

    I just applied for graduation and graduate school this month. 4 ridiculous semesters from now, I’ll have an MS in mechanical engineering. Also, I miss all you fucks.


    [3D] Pixels

    Going for your masters, oh shit. Hope it goes well bro! You’re missed to man, hope on sometime and lets bust a gaming sesh out. Shit we got a clan Terraria server up again, it’s fun as hell.

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