The Division : Midnight Launch


10:30pm (CST) hits and I notice a Steam event pop up, The Division Launch Party has started. Civ, Darren, Illy and Pix all anxiously wait in TS for the next 30 mins to fly by, so they can finally start what has felt like an eternity to play.

It’s 10:57 now and out of no where Pix notices the Pre-Load button has turned Green and says play. He frantically starts yelling in TS “PLAY! PLAY PLAY! OMFG IT’S LOADING!!!!!!!!” The game begins to install an update and says 8 minutes remaining, as the Steam servers are hit by a big hairy truck of downloaders. Civ clicks play next, then Darren, Illy is last. Darren’s wait time some how jumps up to 1 hour, then 5, then 24hours. you can hear the panic in his voice. Pix and Civ are constantly yelling 5mins remaining, 4mins, 3mins, 2mins, 1 MINUTE!!!!!!!!

Darren’s game has finally got back down to a reason level as the Steam servers kick into overdrive, Pix is the first one to launch the game. “OH SHIT, WTF, I CAN’T FUCKING LOG IN!” Pix screams. Everyone laughs, as Civ logs in with no problems and starts the game.

After all the shenanigans, Pix and Civ get in and start roaming. Darren’s game finally updates and starts. Illy’s computer has a melt down as his Pentium 4, Windows 95 computer struggles to start the game.

Civ and Pix begin yelling “OMG, A GUY GOT SHOT. HOLY SHIT, DID YOU JUST SEE THAT IN THE VIDEO?” Darren immediately yells, “MUTING!” as he does not want anything to be spoiled.

After the intial mission, Civ and Pix are able to group up and start exploring NYC, after about 15mins and in the middle of an objective. BAM! Disconnected, all Ubisoft servers shutdown, including several other games… Pix and Civ frantically try reconnecting, but after 10 mins… Pix calls it a night. For the 25mins they have played, it was nothing short of beautiful.

Can’t wait to see what today has in store. Sitting here at my work desk, the only thing I can think about is getting home and playing. The game is beautiful, and I can’t wait for the server stress from the initial launch to calm down.

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    Mar 8, 2016 @ 13:25 pm

    hahahaha…that’s exactly how it played out too. Shit was awesome. Can’t remember a launch like this in a while. It was awesome having darren and illy back too.

    Really hope the rest of 3D can get into this. Game is so deep, so much to do and just like borderlands or D3 you can link up anytime, anywhere and run together. No lobbying up bullshit, just jumping in and surviving. The DZ is a whole new element too…when it’s time to get tense as fuck. Can’t wait to get back in…it feels like a virtual reality to me now.

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    Mar 8, 2016 @ 15:00 pm

    It’s up to them, but I know you and I will be playing this a mad amount lol.

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    Mar 11, 2016 @ 11:09 am

    Dude, I am so excited for this game. It’s a tough release date for me with finals being this coming week… I was lucky enough to get some hours in, that game is great. I’ll be on a ton this spring break dudes!